Oskar Figura


Welcome to my website, I'm Oskar, a software engineer.
Keep an eye on my GitHub page if you want to be up to date with my latest projects.

About Me

I am a highly motivated full stack software engineer with a big passion for travelling and climbing.

I have 5+ years of experience in developing and managing enterprise applications using Azure, C#, .NET, and JavaScript frameworks.


Core Programming Languages:
C#, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python

.NET 8, EF Core, Cypress, Next.js, Node.js

React.js, React Native, Dapper, jQuery

Azure, AWS, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Git, IIS, Octopus, Terraform, Docker, Raygun, Vercel


July 2021 - Present

Software Engineer and Architect

Apr 2020 - Jun 2021

Software Engineer

May 2019 - April 2020

Logic Software
Software Engineer

Jan 2012 - Jun 2020


Consulting Software Engineer

Jul 2018 - Sep 2018

Swansea University
Data Science Department
Software Engineer

Jun 2017 - Sep 2017

Software Engineer


"From a Product perspective Oskar is a first class engineer who is comfortable working across the stack in many technologies. He has exceptional attention to detail, is self managing and trustworthy, and has fantastic product sense. Oskar gets involved actively in discussions and adds tons of value into discovery spikes and requirement / three amigo sessions.

In addition to his talent as an engineer and architect he is also a valued member of the team, adding to our culture at every opportunity. When things get tough and all hands on deck are required, Oskar is one of the main people you can count on.

I would have no hesitation recommending Oskar and would be lucky to have him on my team again."
Graham Morley Product Leader at Paid
"Oskar is a top quality developer and software architect in his work for Paid he has grasped new concepts quickly, diligently created new features and is a real asset to the team. He quickly picks up domain knowledge and provides his experience in a clear and concise way.

For Paid, Oskar has been working full stack on new features, taking them from the UX designs to production. Some of Oskar’s projects have been very tricky touching core parts of the Paid platform, he has excelled in his work at Paid."
Tom Howsam Founder at Paid